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The Oracle’s Decree

Heelan Bandits

5 HP, 1 Armor, 17 CHA, staves or bronze knives (d6)


2 HP, STR 3, bite (d8)

Water Shades

1 HP, Armor 1

Hunting party

5 HP, 1 Armor, CHA 17, staves or bronze knives (d6), spears (d6), detachment

Sand Sprites

2 HP, dagger and small spears (d4) or charm, detachment

Brass Golems

5 HP, axe (d6)

  • Unharmed by gas; unaffected by Charm, Hold, and Sleep spells.
  • Stop working after 10 minutes
  • Immune to mundane weapons


  • Falling Block Trap: d8 damage
  • Spiked Pit: d6 damage
  • Weakening: Ray d6 damage


Hardboiled Spear

  • Blood catches fire, as fire oil, d6 damage ongoing


  • d20 STR damage to all who hear it if struck, roll for each target.

Charioteer’s Helm

  • d20 CHA damage, if you have CHA left you’re attuned.

Note: This adventure notably lacks treasure, you might want to add some