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The following is a list of Relics from all over the web, copied with permission.

From Glass Bird Games

Gaea’s Grasp, 5 charges

  • A wristlet of fine, woven vines. When the wearer grasps someone or something, the vines sprout tough tendrils that secure their grip. They will only release if lit ablaze or at the wearer’s will.
  • Recharge: Plant the withered wristlet in rich forest soil and water liberally with the blood of a fae. It will bloom into a new wristlet overnight.

Crow Porter, 1 use

  • A large brown bottle full of dark, bitter beer. The label sports a block print of a crow with its beak wide, jagged noise-lines jutting out of its mouth. While it’s being consumed, the drinker will boast loudly and incautiously about their deepest secrets, whether or not said secrets are worthy of boasting about.

Contender’s Belt, 3 charges

  • A wide belt of creased black leather, the large brass buckle shaped like a clenched fist. Unarmed attacks may be made as if enhanced (d12 damage).
  • Recharge: Win a fist fight against a determined opponent while wearing the belt, without using its power.

Wringing Wings, 2 charges

  • A very tight choker necklace decorated with the feathers of a domestic bird. The feathers rustle and catch the wind, allowing the bearer to fly for as long as they can hold their breath as they’re painfully choked by the necklace.
  • Recharge: Wring the neck of a domestic bird and weave its feathers into the choker.

Covenant Quill, 1 charge

  • A feather quill, black flecked with gold. When a contract is written with this pen, all who sign in agreement are magically compelled to follow its tenets, except the one that wrote the terms.
  • Recharge: Abstain from reading or writing for a full lunar cycle, while keeping the quill on your person.

Ghoul Fingers, 3 uses

  • A bundle of three severed human fingers, gray and partially mummified. The fingers can be snapped if bent against the joint, releasing a puff of dust. Anyone that inhales the dust is temporarily paralyzed, takes d8 DEX damage, and gains a permanent immunity from sleep and charm effects.

Rune of Thud

  • A heavy, palm-sized plate of shale with a strange symbol scratched deeply into the face. When pressed to a mundane or magical lock, roll a d6. On a 1-5, the lock unlocks silently. On a 6, the shale cracks with a thud that echoes for miles, leaving the bearer’s hand temporarily numb and weakened from the shock.
  • Recharge: If the cracked Rune is placed in a locked receptacle, the next time an unsuspecting thief picks the lock they will find the rune whole and functional within.

Vibramail, 1 use

  • A full suit of armor made of long metal bars running horizontally (2 armor, bulky).
  • Moving in the armor causes the bars to knock together and vibrate, creating pleasant, resonant, and decidedly un-stealthy musical tones. When the wearer is reduced to 0 STR, all of the bars activate, vibrating and ringing out. The wearer’s death is delayed, their body is held together and energized by the vibration, allowing them to stay on their feet and function as if they had 18 STR. This lasts until the sustained tone of the mail builds to a deafening level and the bars shatter, about a minute or so. They then die normally.

Master Map, 2 charges

  • A folded sheet of waterproof vellum, brown and well worn. When opened a map of the local region blooms on its surface in a wash of ink, showing major geographical features and all nearby settlements. At the cost of one charge, write in the name of a place that does not appear on the map but that is known to exist somewhere in the region. The label will move, settling on this place’s actual location on the map. The label spontaneously appears on all other extant maps of the region.
  • Recharge: Sleep with the map under your pillow. When you wake, the map will have consumed your memory of the location of a place important to you, one that is not widely known.

Sack of Schemes, 1 charge

  • A rust-colored suede bag that hosts a mischievous spirit and its host body, a random animal no larger than a dog. The host body shrinks to the size of a walnut while it is inside the bag, growing back to its normal size when it is released. After release, the spirit can be commanded for an hour, after which it will act according to its own capricious will. The spirit can speak in a wry, singsong voice regardless of its host body. If harm comes to its host body while or after it’s been possessed, the spirit will become hostile toward the bearer.
  • Recharge: Return the spirit to the sack. Its host body is spit out unharmed, the spirit bored of its form. An appropriately-sized creature of a species the spirit has never possessed before must be captured in the sack before it can be released again.

Mug of Good Health, 3 charges

  • An oversized mug of cracked earthenware. When filled and raised with a hearty toast, everything in earshot capable of hearing must pause what they’re doing for a moment and return the toast, raising whatever item they hold in their hand.
  • Recharge: Offer to share a drink with a hostile creature, then convince them to agree of their own free will.

Wrenpenny Bit

  • A small copper piece in the local style, save the chubby little wren printed on its transverse. Its most recent previous owner always has an instinctive idea of the direction the coin lies in, and in their presence it will let out a chittering birdsong.

Sanguine Lantern

  • A rectangular lantern with frosted, brown-stained glass. It’s sealed tightly, with angular symbols scratched into the joints. A small reservoir on top feeds fuel to the petty Fae sealed inside, who illuminates the lamp with a pure white light.
  • The only fuel the Fae accepts is a good quantity of blood from whoever will be carrying the lantern (d4 STR damage for an hour of light). It gets irritated by attempts to trick it with other blood, and may attempt an escape if aggravated enough.

Whisperwing, 3 charges

  • A brown and cream moth wing contained in a small box fashioned from an acorn. Releasing the wing from the box mutes all nearby noise for the time it takes to flutter to the ground.
  • Recharge: Find a Whispermoth and convince it to trade you for one of its own wings. They tend to be understanding and agreeable, as long as you make the trade with a delicate hand and speak in a hushed voice.

Peregrine Pellets, 3 uses

  • A snakeskin pouch with three large bird pellets inside. They smell of tobacco. When the pellet is torn in half and consumed by two people, they learn a common, secret language that only the pair can understand.
  • The aesthetics of the language are peculiar to that pair. It may be communicated through sound or gesture, but there is no written version. The language cannot be deciphered by anyone else through mundane or magical means, and it cannot be taught to anyone but the original pair.

Birch Barque, 1 charge

  • A folded sheet of pure white tree bark. When refolded into a toy dinghy and placed in a body of water it grows into a sturdy 8-footer with a remarkable resistance to capsizing, even in the roughest of waters. When you finish your journey, the bark will unfold back to its normal size, now soaked through and useless.
  • Recharge: Catch a fish under the full moon from a sacred pool or river. Wrap it in the bark and cook it, then give the fish back to the water. The bark will float back to the surface, pure white and whole once more.

Frostberry Sprig, 4 charges

  • A small branch from a dark-leaved bush, laden with 4 ice-blue berries. The core of the branch is still green and lively. Plucking a berry and crushing it releases a blast of chill that leaves your fingers frostbitten. It might be useful to extinguish a fire, obscure someone’s vision with rime, or momentarily freeze a limb in place.
  • Recharge: Plant the end of the branch in the carcass of a freshly-killed hare, then let it sprout outdoors over three nights, undisturbed in the bitter cold. On the third morning, you will find the hare whole and healthy, nibbling at the leaves, and d6 fresh frostberries.

Crooked Canteen, 3 charges

  • A large flask, made of polished, deeply furrowed wood. The cap is attached by a silver ring, held closed with a pin. At the cost of one charge, twist the pin; whatever fluid is inside is replaced with half a canteen-full of water. Twist it back, and the original fluid reappears. Handy for carrying extra water on journeys, hiding your best brandy from your fellow adventurers, or to convince a rival that there really isn’t any poison in there, after all.
  • Recharge: Dowse and dig out a fresh well or untouched spring, or any source of water that has never before passed mortal lips. Fill the Canteen to the brim.

Bidding Bones, 3 charges

  • A pair of graying deer ribs cut to size for rhythmic performance. One has a crude skull etched into its surface, the other a skeletal hand. When played, they can be used to control the bones of another creature. If they still live, the effect is brief, a single instant of abrupt bodily control that may only be enough to foil another physical action. If they are dead or undead, the effect lasts for as long as the bearer can continue playing.
  • Recharge: Stand at the edge of the dark wood, and throw one of the Bones overhand as far as you can into the tangle. Keep your eyes tightly shut as you enter to recover it. Do not peek, and do not respond to the taunting whispers of the dead that greet you.

Grand Gob’s Seal, 1 charge

  • A wax stamp made of rocks, sticks, a bird skull and a rat tail. A paper stamped with this seal in greenish-yellow wax will be considered by any goblin as an order from the Grand Gob themself.
  • At the cost of a charge, stamp a schematic describing a wondrous contraption or magical item, and gather a pile of shiny stones, straw, bugs, fungi, or the like into a pile vaguely shaped like said item. The pile binds together, and functions as the item described for about an hour. It then fails catastrophically.
  • Recharge: Supplicate before the Grand Gob, describing in flowery terms how inferior you and your fellows are to their magnificence. Beg a boon of them - if impressed, they will provide a small, probably slimy token to tack onto the seal.

From Ialath

Skull Cap, 1 charge

  • A helmet that transforms the bearer’s head into the appearance of a skull until dawn.
  • Recharge: Bury with human bones for one night.

Hood of Silence, 2 charges

  • A hood that envelops the bearer in complete silence, both unable to hear and speak.
  • Recharge: Meditate in absolute silence for 1 hour with the hood pulled up.

Pouch of the Herbalist, 1 charge

  • Produces a small amount of herbs or magical reagents that are present within 5,000ft. of the bearer.
  • Recharge: Place any kind of herb within the pouch and close it for one day.

Dagger of Returning, 3 charges

  • A throwing dagger that returns to its bearer’s hand if it misses its target.
  • Recharge: Hit any target three times in a row.

Chainmail of Quick Assembly, 2 charges

  • A disassembled chainmail armor that instantly assembles itself onto its bearer using a command word. Say the command word again to disassemble it into its pouch.
  • Recharge: Soak the chainmail in oil for 1 hour.

Bracelet of Slithering, 2 charges

  • A jade bracelet that transforms into a 10 STR / 11 DEX / 8 WIL venomous snake under the bearer’s control.
  • Recharge: Feed the snake with something living.

Rope of Attachment, 5 charges

  • The end of this 50ft. rope attaches to any surface. Pull twice to release it.
  • Recharge: Cut off 5ft. of the rope.

Candle of Darkness, 7 charges

  • A candle that emanates pure darkness instead of light in a 10ft. radius. No Recharge.

Shield of Magnetism, 5 charges

  • When a metal weapon is blocked with this shield, the weapon gets stuck to the shield.
  • Recharge: The shield must be hit with a direct lightning strike.

Rock Shovel, 1 charge.

  • Shovels solid rock like it would be dirt.
  • Recharge: Spend 1 hour shoveling dirt in the rain.

From The NSR Discord

Last Breath, shortsword, d8 damage, 1 charge

  • Plunging Last Breath into the ground creates an Astral Prison around the bearer. The bearer is invulnerable to harm but unable to move while contained in the prison.
  • Recharge: Last Breath by feeding it the souls it needs to build the prison.

Sword of the Holy Knight (d6), d6 charges

  • When attacking an undead enemy with this silver sword, you can expend one charge to ignore HP and deal damage directly to STR.
  • Recharge: Bathe in holy water and let dry completely in the morning sun.

Cloak of Displacement, 3 charges

  • A shadowy cloak that moves gently even when there’s no wind, the fabric is perfectly smooth, as if made of pure night. When suffering combat damage, you can spend one charge to ignore that damage.
  • Recharge: Leave it under the open sky for the entirety of a moonless night.

Bracers of Strength, d6 charges

  • A pair of copper bracers long enough to cover the most of the wearer’s forearms. While wearing these bracers you can expend one charge to automatically succeed in a STR save. You must do so before rolling the dice.
  • Recharge: Defeat a foe stronger than you in combat.

Necklace of Fireballs, 1 charge

  • A necklace with a small ruby dangling from it. It can be thrown, summing a burst of flames in the area around where it landed, dealing d8+d8 damage to all caught.
  • Recharge: Leave it in a raging bonfire until the flames end naturally.

Murder Minion, dagger, d6 damage, 1 charge.

  • Mortally wounding it’s victim, traps them inside the blade.
  • Pressing the mouse skull on the handle frees them to do the bidding of the wielder before they perish.
  • Recharge: Murder Minion by actively cleaning it in ice water for half a day.

Rod of Lordly Might, staff, 1 charge

  • Can Always be pounded against the ground to make your voice amplified
  • For a Charge can be pointed at a creature with lower WIL than you who swears fealty to you indefinitely or until they witness you doing something they don’t believe in.
  • Will Never affect a Knight or anyone with a sacred vow.

    Recharge:s when you slay a nobleman or (as a noble yourself) knight someone.

Forgotten Sword-Master’s Blade d8 damage, 2 charges

  • Worn and weathered blue-gray longsword imbued with the memory of an ancient sword master, renown for his ability to duel multiple opponents at once.
  • Channeling the forgotten master’s memory produces a whirling flourish, attacking all enemies around them within 10 feet (up to four) for d6 blast.
  • On critical damage save vs DEX or be disarmed.
  • Recharge: by defeating another worthy opponent in a duel or disarming an enemy in combat.

Cloak of the Monarch Queen, 3 charges

  • Faded black great-cloak with orange and white geometric patterns.
  • Dash or fly swiftly across distances of 30 feet.
  • Recharge: by jumping from heights of 50 feet or greater, or from spending an hour adventuring through furious winds.

Mirror Mirror, 1 charge

  • Large round mirror about the size of a wagon wheel. Framed in a swirling art-nouveau confection of green-glazed clay.
  • If you position yourself between Mirror Mirror and a mundane mirror and observe your infinite reflection between them, Mirror Mirror remembers the mundane mirror.
  • You can always look into Mirror Mirror to see the current reflection in any mundane mirror it remembers.
  • For one charge, you may reach through Mirror Mirror and out of any mundane mirror it remembers; as little as a limb, or as much as your whole body. When you withdraw your limb or emerge from another mirror, Mirror Mirror cracks down the middle, and a faint after-image of your person is etched into all other mirrors in Mirror Mirror’s memory as it forgets them, one by one.
  • Recharge: locate every mirror etched with your after-image and thoroughly scratch out your face until it is unrecognizable. Sleep with Mirror Mirror under your head, and survive the onslaught of shattered reflection-selves that swarm you in your dreams, and you will find it healed and whole when you wake.

Dowsing Rod, 1 charge

  • Pick a general type of object or material. The rod indicates distance, direction and quantity to nearest match.
  • Recharge: Expose to lightning or powerful electricity.

Snakeskin Boon, 1 charge

  • Over the course of several hours, you can painfully shed your skin, losing 1d4 STR.
  • After this time, you reveal a new skin, broadly the same as your previous, but with new features, seen or imagined.
  • Recharge: Devour every scrap of the skin of a giant snake.

The Dwarf’s Cloak, 1 charge

  • A lambskin cloak, taken from a dwarf, which renders its wearer invisible.
  • Burns to ash if exposed to sunlight.
  • Recharge: Eat seven ounces of human flesh.

Wand of the Thousand Paths, 1 charge

  • A walking stick with a big eyeball on top
  • You can fixate on the eye to see the outcome of one action in the immediate future (play it out and the player decides to confirm it or not) and then the eye shuts
  • Recharge: move exclusively in the same direction as the wind for a day

Blade of Mighty Thews, 3 charges

  • A dark red shortsword with inscriptions of scenes of ancient battles on it.
  • Spend a charge to give yourself the strength of a demigod for the length of a single feat (bend bars, lift gates, hurl boulders)
  • Recharge: It deals a killing blow to a creature stronger than any human, living or dead.

Bird Bomb, 1 charge

  • Fragile egg that releases an incredible stench that makes all folks around it vomit. How do you carry such an item? What happens if the egg breaks in your pack during combat?
  • Recharge: Bury the shell in a grave. The next morning there will be three more eggs there.

Decayed Wooden Sword

  • Seems like a real sword when wielded.
  • Does d4 DMG, but victims look brutally wounded for a moment, even when not really hit at all.
  • Breaks on roll of 1.


  • A 16’ length of verdant, sticky rope.
  • Wrap once around an object and plant an end in the earth. A replica of the wrapped object grows overnight.
  • The rope remains, its length halved.

Map of the Predator

  • A blank leather parchment. Spill blood onto it and it will be absorbed.
  • Later unroll to reveal a clear map of wherever the remaining blood is.
  • The effect ends when the map is a few feet from its target.
  • Recharge: the parchment must be wholly ingested then defecated by any creature that hunts via blood-scent. Wolf, Tiger, Shark, blood-fly, etc.

Honest Earworms

  • A wriggling worm the size of a child’s pinky finger. Smells awful. Drop into a person’s ear and they will reveal the truth, despite themselves.
  • Recharge: Search the forest for the largest pile of decayed leaves you can find. Then, scream your most personal secrets, thoughts, and desires into the air. Then eat as much of the leaves and detritus as you can. The next day you will awaken to find 1d4-1 larvae, sprouting from your ears.

Holy Avenger (sword, d8)

  • Undead creatures automatically fail critical damage saves caused by this sword.
  • You and nearby allies are immune to fear and charm effects, but are compelled to jump headfirst into battle.

Dreamwalker’s Veil, 3 charges

  • A robe made of shimmering, almost transparent purple silk.
  • By spending one charge, the wearer can fully ignore one instance of damage to WIL.
  • Recharge: Wear the robe during a full night of magically induced sleep.

Hand of Ser Crufiks, 1 charge

  • Hounds and other domesticated beasts grow docile at the touch of this mummified hand.
  • Recharge: Spend some time petting the good boy.