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Starting Gear

  • 3d6 gold pieces
  • Three days’ rations
  • Long burning torch
  • Raddle (d6)
  • Well made and durable clothing

What did you weave that made you give up your loom? Roll 1d6:

  1. Fate: You caught a glimpse of your own fate within the weave. Once, when you are about to roll a Save, declare that this is the moment of death that you foresaw. If you fail the Save, you die as predicted. If you succeed, gain 1d4 HP as you reclaim your fate.
  2. Time: A loop of time was trapped in your warp and weave. The loom vanished before you could cause a paradox, but you were left with Skein of Time, unknot the threads to undo the last minute of action.
  3. Space: Caught by your loom, the space containing your home was crushed and condensed before you knew what was happening. You finished the weave, but were left with nothing else. Take a Bag of Holding which has 10 inventory slots, but if retrieving anything in a rush there’s a 2 in 6 chance you’ll grab something from your destroyed home instead.
  4. Spirits: After accidentally catching a number of souls in weaves, your loom is now haunted beyond repair. Take a ream of spirit fabric, invisible to the eye but impassible to ethereal beings.

What hobby have you picked up to replace weaving? Roll 1d6:

  1. Knitting: Take two knitting needles (1d6), and an ugly sweater (very warm).
  2. Philately: Take a booklet of stamps, worth 500 gold to the right collector (good luck locating them).
  3. Birdwatching: Take a pair of binoculars and a guide to local birds.
  4. Stargazing: Take a sextant. Under a clear sky you can never lose your way.
  5. Origami: Take a bone folder (1d6) and a stack of folding paper.
  6. Trading Cards: Take a small collection of cards. When encountering a creature for the first time, there’s a 1 in 6 chance you’ve got its card which contains some useful information.