Lair of the Lamb

Character generation

Ability scores

All 12 peasants start play very dehydrated. For each of STR, DEX and WIL, in order roll 2d6 for a total of 2-12. If a peasant can get hydrated, for each Ability Score roll 1d6 and add to its score for a total of 3-18.


Roll a d100 on the Profession table on page six for each peasant.


You can use these to optionally lean into fictional positioning, just as you would with a background in Cairn.

Hit Protection

Roll d4 for Hit Protection.


One lucky peasant starts with a knife (d6). Without a backpack, each person can only carry a single bulky item or two smaller items. They can wear things, of course.


The 12 peasants starting in the dungeon share a debt of 10000s. They were convicted for the crime of breaking a taboo they were not aware of, and were unable to pay their fine. Escaping alive is probably the top priority now though.


Only stats converted to Cairn, additional information is given in Lair of the Lamb. Values for STR, DEX and WIL are assumed to be 10 if not listed.

Part 1: Lair of the Lamb

The Lamb

12 HP, Armor 2, 18 STR, 5 DEX, bite (d8) and crush (d8)

  • Immunity to Acid
  • Can climb as a slug
  • Phobia: Afraid of bright light and fire

The little lambs

5 HP, 1 Armor, bite (d8)

  • Immunity to Acid
  • Can climb as a slug
  • Phobia – Bright light and fire, will not approach within 10’ of burning oil.
  • 2-in-6: Ambush by dropping from the ceiling and grappling.

Father Bastoval

7 HP, 1 Armor, warfork (d8)

  • Spell: Hold Person - Paralyze one humanoid until WIL save
  • Spell: Haste - One creature moves at double speed
  • Spell: Scry - Spies on a subject from distance


3 HP, 2 Armor, mace (d6) or bow (d6) / net

Skeletal serpent

2 HP, 2 Armor, bite (Reduce STR by d20)

Priests of the pool

3 HP, fists (d4)

  • Spell: Sleep - Target falls asleep for 1d4 hours
  • Spell: Desiccate - Target takes d8 damage (d6 if dehydrated)
  • Spell: Emergency exit - Touched creature is teleported out of the dungeon


6 HP, 14 WIL, claw (d8)

  • Spell: Confusion - WIL save, or target behaves randomly
  • Spell: Cone of mutilation - d10 slashing, Blast

Armored Ghoul (Gerdith or Molina)

6 HP, 2 Armor, halberd (d10, bulky)

Ghoul (Jasper or Luntz or Shawson)

6 HP, 1 Armor, claws (1d6),

  • Agony: on Critical Damage target loses an additional 1d4 WIL.

Lantern Worm

9 HP, DEX 5, slam (d6)

  • Lantern: Sharp light in narrow cone, impaired if looked at directly.
  • Eat light: target light source explodes, doing 1d6 fire damage (blast) and blindness to holder. Everyone else temporarily blinded if they fail WIL save, sight back after 10 min. After eating light, becomes brighter and retreats after eating all light sources.
  • Stonemeld: can be become liquid and flow through stone.

Armored Isopod

3 HP, 2 Armor, 5 DEX, bite (d6)

  • Curling up: Attacks are impaired (d4) against it.

Ancient Apparatus of Anguish

9 HP, 3 Armor (stone, immune to all non-bludgeoning), slam (d8)

  • Gaze: Arm falls off as voxels.
  • Ancient Tone and Anguish Pattern: d6 damage (blast). If STR is reduced, the apparatus regains the same amount of STR.
  • When STR is reduced, will start bleeding.

Spider Crab

15 HP, 1 Armor, 5 DEX, claw (d8)

  • On critical damage target must save or be caught in claws.

Room effects

-Only the conversion of mechanics from room descriptions. All other room contents apply.

12 Abacus mural

  • DEX save to avoid dying.

17 Altar

  • Yellow mold explosion: Reduce STR by d6.

20 Pools

  • Milky pool: Acid reduces STR by d6 if touched.
  • Poison gas: victim reduces STR by d6 if standing near by.

46 Daylight

  • Grappling hook: STR save
  • Climbing the slick walls: DEX save

Magic items / treasure

Skull of Davok

  • Absorb flesh: Reduce WIL by d20
  • Spell: Ignite - 3d6 fire damage to target
  • Polymorph: WIL save or target is transformed into harmless animal
  • Dealing 6 damage to it in a single round will stun it for 1 minute [reduced from 10 damage due to multiple attackers rule]

Crysmere blade

d10 damage [Personal addition: blade shatters if all the damage rolled is reduced by Armor]