The Waking of Willowby Hall


Bonebreaker Tom

12 HP, 3 Armor, 19 STR, 12 DEX, 14 WIL, stomp (d8+d8, blast), bell flail (d10+d10, blast)

  • Critical damage: Grab (2d6 STR damage, save to escape) or Throw (2d6 STR damage)

Alternative option: No stats (other than WIL, maybe), PCs must save to avoid grab or throw.

Death Knight

10 HP, 2 Armor, 12 STR, 12 DEX, 4 WIL, sword (d8+d8)

  • Bone Prison (3x per day): a target within 40ft is enclosed in a cage made of bones that springs from the ground.
  • Reanimate (3× per day): d3 skeletons crawl their way out the floorboards, walls, and ceiling.
  • Unstoppable: When defeated, collapses into a pile of dust. Fully regenerates within his stone sarcophagus in 20 minutes unless it is destroyed or at least three black candles are lit on top of it.
  • Undead: Cannot approach Saint Olvard’s Bell.

Skeletal Servants

4 HP, Armor 1, 9 STR, 13 DEX, 3 WIL, makeshift weapon (46)

  • Peaceful: The skeletal servants of Willowby Hall are not the fighting type, unless attacked. When encountered, they are occupied in housework appropriate for the room.
  • Obedient: All skeletons obey the Death Knight’s commands. If compelled into service, they will use whatever implements are at hand to attack. Either roll or pick from the list below.
  • Undead: Cannot approach Saint Olvard’s Bell.

Elias Fenwick (Evil Occultist)

5 HP, 8 STR, 10 DEX, 15 WIL, wand (1d4), spells: Read Languages, Read Magic, Phantasmal Force, Mirror Image, Fly.

Lavinia Coldwater (Ghostly Aristocrat)

4 HP, 7 STR, 16 DEX, 14 WIL, astral strike (1d6)

  • Critical Damage: Knocks the target’s soul right out of its body. It must a WIL save to return.
  • Spectral: Lavinia can become invisible and intangible at will, has no physical needs, and can only be affected by magic and silver. Cannot approach Saint Olvard’s bell.
  • Personality: Imperious, cold, easily flattered, and a lover of music.

Horatio (Ghostly Footman)

4 HP, 13 WIL

  • Spectral: Horatio is invisible and intangible to everyone other than the person who summoned him. He has no physical needs, and can only be affected by magic and silver.

Taxidermied Owl Bear

8 HP, 15 STR, 13 DEX, 3 WIL, bite & claws (d8+d8), blast

  • Stuffed: Ignores all piercing and bludgeoning damage.
  • Flammable: Very easy to ignite. Once on fire, it takes 1d6 damage per round and charges around the manor in a panic spreading the fire.

Helmut Halfsword

Level 3 Neutral Fighter 8 HP, 2 Armor, 12 STR, 11 DEX, 7 WIL, halfsword (1d8)

Lisbet Grund

Level 3 Chaotic Thief 6 HP, 11 STR, 14 DEX, 11 WIL, knife (1d6), hook (1d6)

  • Critical Damage: If Lisbet takes the time to poison it the blade has a wet, faintly yellow sheen. The poison causes nausea and blurred vision for 24 hours.
  • Bag of Tricks: Lisbet is carrying 50’ of rope, a bag of 100 marbles, two flasks of fire oil, a fake beard, a whole turkey leg, a bottle of poison, and a smoke bomb.

Apocalypse Ann

Level 3 Chaotic Magic User
4 HP, 9 STR, 11 DEX, 16 WIL, doomsday staff ( (1d6), spellbooks: Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Web

  • Doomsday Staff: 3 charges, fires a fireball dealing 3d6 blast damage. At the start of the adventure she only has two charges left.

Horrible Magic Goose

1 HP, bite (1d4)

  • Honk: If chased, harassed, or grabbed, Mildred will start honking and biting, requiring encounter die rolls. The honking may also alert Bonebreaker Tom if he is nearby.
  • Lay: Every morning, Mildred lays a very heavy goose egg. Peel away the shell and the interior is solid gold. The volume of the metal is equal to 300gp.


  • Hold Portal: Magically holds shut an entryway as if it were securely closed and normally locked.
  • Magic Missile: A distant target must save or take 1d4 STR damage.
  • Read Magic: You can decipher magical inscriptions on books, scrolls, and weapons.
  • Read Languages: (see Comprehend) You become fluent in all languages for a short while.
  • Web: Your wrists shoot thick webbing.
  • Phantasmal Force: (see Spectacle) A clearly false but impressive illusion of your choice appears, under your control. It may be up to the size of a palace and has full motion and sound.
  • Mirror Image: (see Mirror Image) An illusory duplicate of yourself appears and is under your control.
  • Fly: Target can fly for a short while.