Shadow Weath (p. 25, single use)

  Effect on 1d6  
1 The user can’t cast spells for the rest of the day  
2 The user cast spells normally for the next d3 hours, but takes fatigue only on 4-6 (1d6)  
3 The colour of the user’s eyes become “fluo-emerald green”  
4 The user attacks are considered magical for the rest of the day  
5 The user’s skin becomes grey  
6 The user can see the plan of the oakalisk: reveal some information about what will happen to willow on the next day (p. 32)  

Coral Guardian (p. 16)

HP 17, armor 1, STR 15, DEX 6, WIL 12, double slam (1d6 + 1d6).

  • The guardian is powered by eel electricity and is nearly entirely out of power, it stops anyone from entering the dungeon. It will agree to allow the players an invitation to visit the elves if players it a jar of electricity or a thunderstone.
  • Immune to sleep
  • The guardian repeatedly turns its nose up at the players unless they display high class

Nereocystis (p. 16)

10 HP, 8 STR, 13 DEX, 13 WIL

  • A serial killer seaweed who was imprisoned in room 6. He will immediately try and escape. He is slimey, raspy and manipulative. He will lie to the players that he is the king of the seaweedlings and will promise to reward them for freeing him if needed.
  • Can alter its shape.

Dungeon Monster (p. 19)

Aquatic elf skeleton

5 HP, 1 Armor, STR 10, DEX 13, trident (d6)

  • These elves have forgotten everything except their court manners and will kill those do not display proper court etiquette
  • Immune to sleep and charm

Undead Seaweedling

4 HP, STR 6, DEX 10, WIL 3, leeching seaweed sendrils (1d6, 10ft reach).

  • Seaweedlings (a seaweed race living in the lake) who entered the dungeon out of curiosity and were corrupted by the dark magic the elves used to preserve their lives.
  • Recovers 1 HP for every successful attack
  • Immune to sleep and charm

Seaweed Shambling Mound

10 HP, 13 STR, 12 DEX, 14 WIL, Bone & Chain Claws (1d8 + 1d8).

  • Monstrosities formed of seaweed, bone, metal chains and coral. These creatures fear happiness, and creep closer and closer as anxiety, sadness and despair are vocalized by the PCs.
  • Pass through area 4x4 ft
  • Armor 3 from normal attacks
  • Double damage from explosions and sprays attacks

Aquatic Elf Skeleton Mage

HP 4, STR 10, DEX 10, WIL 13

  • These royal members of the Coral Court have glowing pale blue lights in their eye sockets
  • Spells: cure wounds – mirror image – ice ray – fire curse

Undead Electric Eel

HP 6, STR 9, DEX 10, WIL 8, bite (1d6)

  • giant eels were once used as a power source by the Coral Court for lighting, magical devices and rituals. Their electric shock can still trigger ancient mechanisms
  • immune to sleep and charm
  • Electric Shock: blast 1d8

Undead Water Elemental Skeleton

HP 13, armor 1, STR 10, DEX 12, WIL 14, sword strike (1d6, blast)

  • Ancient elven warrior guards the treasure of the Coral Court. A water elemental was fused to her bones. She can break down into a pile of bone shards and pass under doors.
  • If the coral boat from the treasure horde is thrown into her magical water, the boat will expand for an instant, completely destroying her.

Smoke Dragon (p21)

HP 5, STR 9, DEX 9, WIL 13. Scorching Smoke (d8)

  • A dragon shaped cloud filled with embers with glowing red eyes
  • Can only be harmed by magic attacks
  • Spells: fog cloud – fire curse

Magical Guardian (p24)

10 HP, armor 1 14 STR, 8 DEX, 10 WIL, weapon 1d8

  • A magical construct that the wizards have made to guard their home. It speaks in a very fast and sharp monotone voice. Its only interest is in competitions of strength

Necrotic Trent (p. 29)

HP 13, Armor 2, STR 13, DEX 6, WIL 10, 2 strikes (1d10 + 1d10 blast). Once a lawful guardian of the forest, this Trent was corrupted by the influence of the Oakalisk’s power. The Trent serves the Oakalisk, obeying its every command. It has currently been tasked with expanding the corrupted wood. Any creatures in its way will be killed and brought to the Oakalisk to be transformed into monstrosities.

  • Controls trees up to 200ft
  • Necrotic Bolt: 1d10 damage. Chance of recharging once per round on a roll of 5 or 6 (1d6)
  • Takes enhanced damage from “holy/light” attacks
  • If it is submerged in the running water of the river, it’s corruption will be washed away and it will become benevolent again

Ashen Dryad (p. 30)

HP 5, 10 STR, 10 DEX, 14 WIL, Necrotic Sword (1d8).

  • Created by the Necrotic Trent out of ashes of necrotic wood. The Ashen Dryads serve as assassins and scouts for their creator, obeying its every command
  • Invisibility (2 times per day – 1d4 rounds)
  • Darkvision
  • Ashen Dryads contain a black marble stone core in their chest. This can be used to create magical orbs, or shattered with a hammer to release a cloud of darkness in a 15-foot radius for 1 hour

Ashen Dryad (champion) HP 6, 11 STR, 11 DEX, 14 WIL, flaming sword (1d10)

  • The leader of the Ashen Dryads was created by the Necrotic Trent from a limb of Dragonwood (see pg 21). It is coated in flames and so cannot enter water
  • Darkvision
  • Invisibility (3 times per day – 1d4 rounds)
  • Fireball (2d6). Recharges on 5 and 6 (1d6)
  • Ashen Dryads contain a black marble stone core in their chest. This can be used to create magical orbs, or shattered with a hammer to release a cloud of darkness in a 15-foot radius for 1 hour

Overland Monsters (p. 31)

Rat Folk, 4 HP, 1 Armor 8 STR, 10 DEX, 8 WIL, weapon (1d6) or bite (1d8)

  • Enemies of the Crow folk, Rat folk live in tunnels under the forest, and come out to scavage at night.
  • Immune to disease
  • Darkvision

Undead Crow Folk

5 HP, 10 STR, 10 DEX, 3 WIL short bow (1d6)

  • Crow people turned in skeletons by the Oskalisk. In the woods they attack the intruders from the sky
  • Ability to Fly
  • Immune to sleep and charm

Venus Wolf

6 HP, 9 STR, 12 DEX, 3 WIL, bite (1d6 + 1), 3 plant traps (1d4 + 1d4 + 1d4, blast)

  • The Necrotic Trent has been killing off the wolf population and bringing them to the Oakalisk. Magic seeds are planted in their skeleton bodies and giant venus fly traps grow out from the gaps between their ribs
  • Immune to sleep and charm

Wailing Willow

10 HP, 1 armor, 14 STR, 3 DEX, 10 WIL, shortbow (1d6) & 2 weapons (1d6 + 1d6).

  • Grown by the Necrotic Trent, these trees are planted along the riverbank and will attack boats
  • They will instantly wither if the ‘watching skull’ on the upmost branch is destroyed or if all the skeleton buds die
  • Special: fireball (2d6) – 4 per day

Vine Skeletons

5 HP, 1 armor, 10 STR, 13 DEX, 10 WIL, weapon 1d6

  • These human skeletons have been fused with necrotic vines, which act as muscles and ligaments as well as extra limbs.
  • Immune to sleep and charm

Rat folk magic items (p. 27)

Blood Moon Pack

Staff of Sparks (6 charges)

  • A long walking stick made of Fir wood. It has a carved top resembling a star.
  • Expend 1 charge to cast Flare or Smoke Form. Expend 2 charges to cast Elemental Wall (only fire). Recharge: Let a fire-breathing dragon blow smoke on the staff

Plague Pack

Wand of Web (3 charges)

  • Expend a charge to cast web (spellbook n. 97)
  • Recharge: leave one night in a spider nest

Stitch pack

1 orb of Darkness

  • If broken, it emanates pure darkness in 10 ft radius. No recharge

Death pack

Illusionist pipe (5 charges)

  • A long curved smoking pipe, cut from the roots of a pear tree
  • When smoking on the pipe, you can make the smoke change color and form as fantastical shapes (ex. galloping horses).
  • When smoking on the pipe and by expending 1 charge, you can blow smoke in someone’s eyes disorienting them with weird colors and shapes.
  • Recharge: Rub the pipe against the nose of a gnome.

Frost Pack

Staff of Frost (5 charges)

  • Expend 1 charge to cast ice ray (spellbook n. 335) or glacier (spellbook n. 315)
  • Recharge: leave one night under the snow

Mutilation pack ** 1 helm of speed 6 charges

  • Expend one charge to flee from a combat without a roll
  • Recharge: Drop the wand from a height of at least 100 ft from the ground