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Localization Guide

Although the Cairn rules exist in many forms (PDF, Google Docs, Word, etc), the SRD is probably the best choice for ease of translation.

Translating the SRD

  1. Copy the SRD Markdown (click Raw) to a markdown editor such as Typora or a web-based renderer like If you know how to use Git, you can use Atom. If you don’t know markdown, don’t worry! It’s easy. Read more here.

  2. Do the hard work of translating the core document. Google Translate and are good resources; you can even simply translate the entire document once, then look through it for corrections.

Optional: Create a language-specific version of this website!

  1. Follow the steps here to get started in forking this repo.

  2. Be sure to name the repo cairn-lang, e.g. cairn-fr for French, etc. Your repo should be called something like

  3. Copy the translated markdown into the file.

  4. Translate the other pages in the repo (readme, resources, etc).

  5. When building the Affinity files, add “Lang Version” to the cover.

  6. If you would like a subdomain (e.g. let Yochai know!