Simple Backgrounds

Dwellers of the Underground

  • Darkvision: Perfect vision in low-light, somewhat blinded by bright lights.
  • Rocksniff: You always know the location of nearby jewels and minerals.
  • Earthhardy: You are tougher than sun-dwellers, often recovering from injuries or poison thought to be lethal.

Fair Folk

  • Magic-Sense: You can tell when arcane energies are at work, and where.
  • Third Eye: You cannot be fooled by magical illusions, save those created by one of your own.
  • Fae Cunning: Whether by the reputation of your people or some ancient ways other-kind cannot lie to you.


  • Easily Missed: Enemies tend to ignore you, going for the bigger targets first or ignoring you altogether.
  • Quicksilver: Escaping sudden capture or a killing blow is like second nature to you. Sneaking comes naturally, too.
  • Second Breakfast: You have to eat a lot, at least 5 times a day. Fortunately you can consume nearly anything if you have to.


  • Blood Brothers: Being surrounded by at least two other trusted warriors bolsters your battle sense, and you always go first.