Prison of the Hated Pretender

  • Based on the original adventure written by Gus L. and published by Hydra Cooperative.
  • In general, very few changes are necessary to run the adventure. The bulk of this conversion is NPC stat blocks and item conversions.
  • Any rooms not mentioned here can be run as-written.

Stat Blocks

The Hated Pretender

6 HP, 1 Armor, 15 STR, 8 DEX, 12 WIL, claw x2 (d6+d6)

  • Undead: Immune to charms, sleep, and mind affecting spells.
  • Immune to mundane weapons. Only damaged by magic, silver, fire, and acid.
  • If body is not completely destroyed, rises again the next morning.

Phantasms of Vengeance

3 HP, 3 Armor, 8 STR, 6 DEX, 15 WIL, touch (d4, ignores armor)

  • Only corporeal in bright light. Avoids darkness, which causes them to disappear completely.
  • Unstable in dim light; they have 0 armor and check Morale every time any of their group dies.


Area 1: The Face of the Tower

  • Climbing: Climbing the tree and tower needs a DEX save if the climber doesn’t have an appropriate background or tool.

Area 10: Crypt

Important: Only modified or re-statted items are mentioned here. There are additional items in the adventure not mentioned here.

  • Detritus and Bones: The grimoire is now four mold-speckle books instead of one (see Appendix).
  • Detailed Mosaic: Falling in deals 1d6 STR damage.
  • Mummified Corpses: Silver Fishscale Armor (2 armor, bulky), bronze buckler (+1 armor), steel mace (d8 damage), silver blessed daggers (d6 damage), blackened leather armor (1 armor, bulky)
  • Marble Sarcophagi: Gold etched mace (d8 damage)
  • Ornate Sarcophagus
    • Bars: Bars can be bent with up to three characters with at least 30 points of STR collectively, and an appropriate setup allowing them to pool their strength. Attempts with insufficient strength or alternative approaches are at the GM’s discretion. The original adventure allows under-strength attempts to have a small chance of success, which can be represented with a STR save or a partial effect.
    • Trap: Triggering the trap causes DEX save or take 1d6 STR damage.
    • Loot: Bronze plate (3 armor, bulky)


Blood Rubies

  • Swallowing a ruby recovers 1 STR damage, instead of 1 HP.

Pretender’s Grimoire

  • The Pretender’s Grimoire is split into four spellbooks corresponding to its original spells.
    • Charm Person: (See Charm) A creature you can see treats you as a friend.
    • Hold Portal: A door, gate, window, or other portal is held magically shut.
    • Light: (See Illuminate) A floating light moves as you command.
    • Levitate: (See Liquid Air) The air around you becomes swimmable.

Silver Fishscale Armor

  • 2 armor, bulky. The magical effect remains as-written.