Yet Another Hexcrawl Procedure

  • Converted from Yet Another Hexcrawl Procedure, with permission.
  • Based on Wilderness Adventuring for Old School Essentials.
  • These procedures assume the classic 1 HEX = 6 miles = +/- 10 km but it works with any size. An unencumbered and healthy person can walk approximately 24 miles (or 40km) per day, equal to crossing 4 hexes.
  • At the start of each day, roll for Weather on your favorite table. Example here or here.


The day is divided into 3 watches of roughly 8 hours each:

  • Early watch (+/- 6 am -> 2 pm)
  • Late watch (+/- 2 pm -> 10 pm)
  • Night watch (+/- 10 pm -> 6pm)

For each watch, the party takes one action:


The party travels through a hex.

  • Progress up to half their daily travel distance (by foot, horse, cart, etc).
  • Obvious locations, features, and terrain types of any neighboring hexes are revealed accordingly based on distance and sight.
  • The party must be careful to avoid Losing Direction.
  • Roll on the Events Table.

Losing Direction

  • There is a 2-in-6 chance the party will get lost when traveling via difficult or hard-to-see terrain.
  • Maps and relevant backgrounds negate the need for a roll, or decrease the chances to 1-in-6.


The party searches for hidden any features within the current hex.

  • Roll on the Events Table.
  • One Location/Feature is discovered.


The party gathers food and water.

  • Roll on the Events Table.
  • Hunting and foraging (if possible given the terrain).


The party stops to set up camp.

  • Roll on the Events Table.
  • If quiet or the party is able to rest fully, party members lose all their Fatigue (if applicable).


The party interacts with a location/feature

  • Dungeon delving, town/village adventure, lair exploration, long NPC interaction, etc…
  • If the party is able to rest fully, party members lose all their Fatigue (if applicable).


For each night the party skips making camp or is forced to march, each PC gets one Fatigue.

Events Table

d6+Terrain modifier Travel Explore Supply Camp
<=1 Encounter Encounter Encounter Encounter
2 Hazard Hazard Hazard Hazard
3 Location/Feature Hazard Location/Feature Quiet
>=4 Quiet Quiet Quiet Quiet


Generate a random encounter. If the distance is far it can be an omen.

Location Feature

The party stumbles upon a hidden location or feature.


The party comes across a hazard or impediment (an Event or Terrain at the Warden’s discretion).


Nothing noticeable happens. The party members lose all their Fatigue (if applicable).

Events Terrain Modifier

  • City, clear, grasslands, settled lands: 0.
  • Aerial, barren, desert, forest, hills: -1.
  • Jungle, mountains, swamp: -2.

Sight distance

(1 HEX = 6 miles / 10 Km)

Height Horizon
Human size Current Hex
50’ - 15m - Tree 1 Hex
100’ - 30m – Watchtower 2 Hexes
330’ - 100m – Low Hill 3 Hexes
1000’ - 300m – Average Hill 5 Hexes
1650’ - 500m - Hill 7 Hexes
3300’ - 1000m – Mountain 10 Hexes