Library Beneath the Sands


Charred Servant

Burnt Body, animated by flame

4 HP, 8 DEX, 16 CHA, grapples (failed DEX save) then bites (d6)

  • Adjacent characters take d4 fire damage from the heat charred
  • Fire damage heals


Large, horned, beastly humanoid fire elemental.

9 HP, 3 Armour, 12 STR, 12 CHA, fists (d8 BLAST)

  • Flame circle, all creatures within 15’ failing a DEX save take d6 fire damage
  • Creatures consumed by the flame circle arise as the efreet’s charred servants
  • Fire damage heals

Flame Mummy

Bandaged humanoid with flames leaking from between the gaps

7 HP, 12 STR, 8 DEX, 6 CHA, fists (d6)

  • Ancient Curse, upon first sight characters make a CHA save, or lose d4 CHA

Stone Librarian

Humanoid statue with the head of an ibis.

6 HP, Armor 1, 14 STR, 16 CHA slam (d8, knocked prone on a DEX save fail)

Screaming Scorpion (Adult)

Giant scorpion with an adult human’s face.

6 HP, 1 Armour, 12 DEX, 8 CHA, pincers (d6+d4), target grappled on a failed DEX save)

  • Stings (d6) grappled characters, paralysed on failed STR save, death after 24 hours
  • Can climb

Screaming Scorpion (Broodling)

Scorpion with a baby human’s face.

3 HP, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 6 CHA, pincers (d4+d4)

  • Stings (d4+d6) characters that are otherwise distracted
  • Can climb


Clay Statuette

12” tall clay statuette with hieroglyphics carved into it. Translation explains that placing the statuette upon a pile of clay and chanting ‘From the earth into a body’ will animate a humanoid which can respond to simple commands.

Elemental Erlynmeyer Flasks

Replace the Tomes of Store with corked Erlynmeyer flasks bearing the appropriate alchemical logo:

Fire - upward pointing equilateral triangle.

Water - downward pointing equilateral triangle.

Air - upward pointing equilateral triangle, with a bar running across the middle.

Sand - downward pointing equilateral triangle, with a bar running across the middle.

L = CHA/3. Single use only. Hieroglyphics embossed on the glass explain everything.

Ritual Bandages

Replace the ‘Tome of Bind Elemental’ with bandages inscribed with hieroglyphics. Translation explains that an incapacitated elemental can be bound using these bandages. The binding will only be successful if the STR of the ritual’s celebrant exceeds that of the elemental.

The resulting Mummy retains the memory and personality of the elemental but not its powers.

It is the Conductor’s discretion as to what power the celebrant has over the Mummy.

Librarian’s Robe

Upon donning the robe, the wearer will find themselves with an intuitive understanding of any cataloguing system they encounter.

Enchanted Dust Jacket

Placing this dust jacket on a book allows the reader to absorb and understand a book’s contents in around an hour.