The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford

  • Original system-neutral adventure by Chance Dudinack. Conversion by Derek B. and Yochai Gal.
  • If not mentioned, run as written (RAW).
  • Treat NPCs as 2-6 HP, 8-12 STR (dependent on perceived hardiness).

The Town of Brandonsford

Lady Hilda

8 HP, 3 Armor, 16 STR, 9 DEX, 16 WIL, sword (d8) or dagger (d6)

Malzazerick the Magnificent

3 HP, 11 STR, 11 DEX, 15 WIL, dagger (1d6), Spells: Charm, Arcane Arrow

  • Student of the Arcane: Can Decipher magical runes, inscriptions or language.
  • Charm: A creature you can see treats you as a friend.
  • Arcane Arrow: Green energy bursts from your fingers, dealing 1d4 STR damage and ignoring mundane armor.

“Drop Dead” Ned

4 HP, 1 Armor, 11 STR, 13 DEX, 12 WIL, silver dagger (d6) or shortbow (d6)

  • Ambush: If the initial DEX save to begin combat is successful his first attack is enhanced.
  • Killer Wasp: Ned can release in lieu of an attack. It will pursue its target unerringly.

Killer Wasp

2 HP, 3 STR, 15 DEX, 3 WIL, stinger (d4)


3 HP, 1 Armor, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 9 WIL, dagger (d6) or sling (d6)

Warwick the Smith

  • Mithril Chain: 2 Armor, resistant to magical weapons and effects. One slot.

Father William the Priest

  • Cure Wounds: Restore 1d4 STR per day to a creature you can touch.
  • Cure Disease: A target is completely cured of a single disease.

Ingrid the Alchemist

  • Mandrake Root Tea: Heals d4 STR over the course of a Watch (8 hours).

Naggeneen, the Clurichaun

3 HP, 5 STR, 15 DEX, 12 WIL

  • Can turn invisible, fly, and create illusions but will lose his powers if apprehended.

The Woods


4 HP, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 3 WIL, bite (d6)

  • Ravenous: These wolves are so starved they will ignore Morale Saves related to casualties, only saving whenever they are reduced to 0 HP.

    Drunk Goblins

2 HP, 8 STR, 8 DEX, 8 WIL, 1 weapon (d6)

Idiot Dragon Hunters

2 HP, 12 STR, 10 DEX, 8 WIL, pitchfork (d6)


8 HP, 2 Armor, 12 STR, 16 DEX, 9 WIL

  • Charm Person: A creature you can see treats you as a friend.


3 HP, 4 STR, 14 DEX, 6 WIL, bite (d4)

  • Critical Damage: Latch onto their victim, dealing an additional 1d4 STR damage every Round thereafter.


6 HP, 4 STR, 16 DEX, 11 WIL

  • Untouchable: Cannot be targeted by ranged attacks and melee attacks are impaired. Anyone who can see through illusions nullifies the effect.

Golden Fox

8 HP, 1 Armor, 8 STR, 16 DEX, 8 WIL, bite (d6)

Fae Hounds

6 HP, 1 Armor, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 8 WIL, bite (d6)

Pompous Elvish Hunters

4 HP, 2 Armor, 10 STR, 14 DEX, 10 WIL, bow (d8), a spellbook

  • For spells consider any of the following table or see any (random spell):

Goblin Scavengers

3 HP, 1 Armor, 12 STR, 10 DEX, 10 WIL, 1 weapon (d6)

The Dragon

8 HP, 3 Armor, 18 STR, 16 DEX, 18 WIL, venomous bite (d12) or breath (d12, blast), detachment

  • Scales of Glistening Black: Immune to normal weapons unless such attacks are stated to specifically target the mouth or eyes. Such attacks are impaired instead.
  • Critical Damage (bite): Target is crushed in jaws dripping with poison. Their corpse becomes visibly corrosive and damaging to the touch (d6 to STR). If the victim is wearing anything made of precious metals or gems, the dragon will spend the next Round securing it.
  • Critical Damage (breath): Targets who succumb are reduced to a smoking ruin. Only items made of precious metals or gems will be spared.


Nixie Traders

2 HP, 4 STR, 14 DEX, 9 WIL, trident (d4)

  • Charm Person: A creature you can see treats you as a friend.
  • Water Breathing: Can grant a target the ability to breathe underwater for a day and night.

Leprechaun Fisherman

3 HP, 8 STR, 10 DEX, 10 WIL

  • Can turn invisible, polymorph nonliving objects, and create illusions at will.

River Troll

8 HP, 2 Armor, 14 STR, 8 DEX, 14 WIL, claws (d6+d6)

  • False Log: The first person to attempt to cross the log is not granted a DEX Save to go first in combat.
  • Can be distracted with food.


3 HP, 1 Armor, 9 STR, 11 DEX, 10 WIL, 1 weapon (d6)

Giant Beaver

7 HP, 1 Armor, 13 STR, 14 DEX, 12 WIL, bite (d8)

Fauns’ Grove

  • Wine: STR save to avoid losing consciousness for one Watch(8 hours).


10 HP, 2 Armor, 16 STR, 9 DEX, 12 WIL, fists (d8+d8), detachment

Brother Dirk

3 HP, 9 STR, 8 DEX, 15 WIL, fists (d4)

  • Cure Light Wounds: Restore 1d4 STR per day to a creature you can touch.

Goblin Castle

Hogboon, the Goblin King

8 HP, 2 Armor, 14 STR, 11 DEX, 15 WIL, sword (d8)

  • Charm Person: A creature you can see treats you as a friend.
  • Sleep: A creature you can see falls into a light sleep.
  • Invisibility: Target is invisible until they attempt harm.
  • Emerald Ring of the Goblin King: Can change any nonliving, nonmagical object into a plant. May reverse the process if desired.

Barrow Mound

Knight’s Crypt

  • Burial Alcove: STR save to move without a horrific grinding sound.


See above

Gray Ooze

6 HP, 4 STR, 12 DEX, 6 WIL, touch (d8+d8)

  • Critical Damage: Victims are engulfed. Armor is degraded by 1 point (destroyed if 0 Armor is reached) per round. Unarmored victims take d8 STR damage each Round until slain or rescued.


  • Touching the Mold: STR save or Deprived.
  • Blessing: Cleaning the mold gives the PC fictional advantage when they Save within the woods (the Warden will say how).

Lower Level

Sir Alfred

6 HP, 2 Armor, 11 STR, 8 DEX, 15 WIL, greatsword (d8)

Sir Wyllt’s Skull

8 HP, 1 Armor, 4 STR, 14 DEX, 15 WIL, bite (d6)


  • Amphorae: Eating the food requires a STR save to not become Deprived.

Giant Rat

2 HP, 1 Armor, 8 STR, 12 DEX, 6 WIL, bite (d4)

Giant Spider

6 HP, 1 Armor, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 6 WIL, bite (d8)

  • Critical Damage: Death by poison within one Round.

Sir Myrddin’s Ghost

5 HP, 6 STR, 15 DEX, 15 WIL, touch (d6, ignores armor) or Call to Arms

  • Incorporal: Cannot be harmed by normal weapons or means.
  • Call to Arms: Statue hurls itself at target, dealing d10 damage.

Crypt of Sir Wyllt

  • Potions of Healing: Restore 1d6 STR.
  • Potions of Sleep: Imbiber fall asleep.
  • Potion of Tranquility: Imbiber has an aversion to violence.

Sir Wyllt’s Skeleton

6 HP, 2 Armor, 11 STR, 8 DEX, 15 WIL, axe (d8, enhanced against unarmored)

  • Critical damage: roll for random body part to be severed (1-2: leg, 2-5: arm, 6: head)

Crypt of Sir Myrddin

Rune Stones

See the table below for random Cleric Spells. Refer to the following spells in More Spellbooks for details on each.

d20 Spell
1 Blessing
2 Cure-All
3 Curse Unlife
4 Fortify
5 Healing Grace
6 Lichsense
7 Light Show
8 Linguist
9 Magic Seal
10 Master Undead
11 Otherworldly Gate
12 Passage
13 Perfect Preservation
14 Planar Anchor
15 Ravenless Message
16 Scry Creature
17 Scrying Ward
18 Song of Repose
19 Uncurse
20 Word of Pain

Maiden Statue

8 HP, 2 Armor, 15 STR, 4 DEX, 18 WIL, stone sword (d8)

  • Body of Stone: Attacks made with cutting or piercing weapons are impaired.

Appendix B: Magic Items

Carmelo’s Jeweled Cutlass

  • d8 damage, enhanced against those in positions of power and authority.

Holy Sword of Sir Brandon

  • d8 damage, enhanced against supernatural opponents.

Silver Axe of Sir Wyllt

  • d8 damage, enhanced against the unarmored and natural armor (scales, bone, hide, etc.).
  • Critical Damage: Sever an appendage of the wielder’s choice.