Operation Unfathomable


Ape Mummy, Two-Headed

6 HP, STR 14, DEX, fists (d8+d8)

  • Damage from fire is enhanced
  • Immune to arrows & charm magic

Ape Mummy, Two-Headed Giant

10 HP, STR 18 DEX 6 WIL 7, fists (d12+d12)

  • Damage from bludgeoning weapons is impaired
  • Damage from fire is enhanced
  • Immune to arrows & charm magic

Bishop Emptiness

8 HP, snake fang dagger (d6)

  • Can cast hoodwink person, mind reader, magic missive, hovering protection, song of repose, doppelganger, reveal location, steer’s strength, magic seal, envision, arcane confinement, lightning strike, issha’s carapace of corpulence

Blind Antler Man

10 HP, 3 Armor, WIL 18, death ray pistol (d12), self-heating sword (d10), exploding bolos (d6, blast)

Captain Kyrn

10 HP, 2 Armor, STR 12, DEX 12, WIL 12, bug zapper (d6), sword (d8)

Carrier Worm

20 HP, 2 Armor, STR 18, smash (2d8)

  • Critical damage: You are swallowed whole.
  • Tunnels through earth and rock at full speed
  • Psionic emissions disrupt spellcasting


4 HP, electric shock (d8, blast)

Chaos Fly

1 HP, 4 STR, barbed tongue (1 dmg)

  • If stung, make a STR save or take 1 poison damage

Chief Surgeon Dr. Nul’s-Steady-Hand

8 HP, DEX 12, scalpel (d6)

  • Can cast hoodwink person, song of repose, fleetfooted

Chlochoo, Slugman

4 HP, DEX 6, dagger (d6)

Colossal Sorcerer

12 HP, 1 Armor, fist (d8), giant spear (d10), grenade (2d6, blast)

  • Spellbook of song of repose
  • Magic carpet, worn as hat

Culunor, Ranking Templar

8 HP, 3 Armor, 8 STR, 14 WIL, anti-chaos sword (d8, d12 vs creatures of chaos)


13 HP, 18 STR, 8 DEX, 6 WIL, club (d10)


4 HP, 1 Armor, 3 WIL, glaive (d8)


6 HP, 1 Armor, 16 STR, 6 WIL, fist (d6), scimitar (d8)

Doomed Templar

4 HP, 3 Armor, 8 WIL, sword (d8)

Dr. Ephraim Thontorius

5 HP, 1 Armor, STR 13, gamma gun (d10), bear hands (d6)

Dwarf, Bat-Winged

4 HP, 1 Armor, 13 STR, 8 WIL, axe (d8), bow (d6)

Dwarf, Blue

4 HP, WIL 12, hammer or wrench (d6)

Dwarf, Blue – The Joyless Foreman

4 HP, 1 Armor, huge bludgeon (d10)

Dwarf, Gray

4 HP, 1 Armor, war hammer (d8)

Dwarf, Gray – Comrade Ghrengan

6 HP, 2 Armor, magic greatsword (d10)

The Egg Carrier

10 HP, 2 Armor, 16 STR, tentacle (d10)

  • Takes enhanced damage from fire

Eye of Shaggath-Ka

10 HP, 1 Armor, 3 STR

  • Ocular flash (blast, STR save or be blinded for 1 round)

Firebomb Beetle

2 HP, 2 Armor, STR 8, DEX 8, WILL 8, firebomb (d6, blast)

  • Critical damage: You & your possessions catch fire.

Flaming Hounds

2 HP, 1 Armor, flaming bite (d6+d6)

  • Critical damage: You & your possessions catch fire.

Fuloso, Grey Humanoid Fighter

10 HP, 3 Armor, STR 13, DEX 13, spear (d8)

Gatemaster Shamblebeard

10 HP, 3 Armor, 13 STR, 13 WIL, axe (d8)

Mr. Ghacula

8 HP, 2 Armor, scimitar (d8)

Giant Cave Swallow

4 HP, STR 8, DEX 12, WIL 6, beak (d6)

  • Critical damage: Any rope on your person is stolen.

Giant Pill Bug

3 HP, 1 Armor, WIL 6, bite (d4)

  • Can roll at high speeds when curled up; can end roll with a d6 slam

Giant Snake of Burden

8 HP, 2 Armor, STR 14, bite (d8)

Grey Humanoid Elite Warriors

8 HP, 3 Armor, STR 12, sword (d8)

Grey Humanoid Warriors

6 HP, 2 Armor, sword (d8)

Guard Bot

4 HP, 1 Armor, DEX 8, pincers (d6)

  • Foam cannon: blast, DEX save or be immobilized
  • Stun beam: WIL save or fall unconscious for 2d4 rounds

Guild Warden

9 HP, 3 Armor, STR 14, greatsword (d10)


5 HP, 2 Armor, battle axe (d8)

Guruki, Guild Merchant

4 HP, 2 Armor, STR 12, WIL 12, scimitar (d8), bow (d6)

  • Critical Damage (bow): Target is paralyzed for d6 minutes.

Hrrk, Magman Prince

18 HP, STR 16, DEX 14, WIL 16, fiery fists (d12+d12)

  • Anyone within 10 ft must pass a STR save or suffer d6 heat damage.


11 HP, 1 Armor, STR 8, DEX 8, WIL 16, parrying dagger (d6)

  • Can cast hoodwink monster, mind reader, wizardsniff, sorcerer’s lock, magic missive, minor aegis, song of repose, murky bubble, read thoughts, rat tat tat, membraneous inconvenience, envision, great ball of fire, elemental wall, psychic eye, hold monster, astral step
  • Parrying dagger impairs first attack against Ilgoriath each round
  • Venomous shrunken head can cast death’s breath
  • Amulet of aloofness renders user immune to fear and mind control

Kelilu, Sub-Matriarch of the Ivory Citadel

HP 12, STR 15, DEX 13, WILL 13, sword of calamity (d10), daggers (d6)


4 HP, 2 Armor, STR 12, WIL 8, stone polearm (d10), obsidian axe (d8)

Kilifrix the Devil-Mantis

10 HP, 3 Armor, STR 12, DEX 12, claws (d6+d6)

Krrgh, Magman Prince

18 HP, STR 16, DEX 16, WIL 14, fiery fists (d12+d12)

  • Anyone within 10 ft must pass a STR save or suffer d6 heat damage.

Martian Ape

8 HP, 14 STR, claws (d6+d6)


1 HP, 2 Armor, enzyme spray (d4-1, blast)


3 HP, 1 Armor, claws (d6+d6)

  • Mind blast requires target to pass WIL save or be stunned for d4-1 rounds

Mother Futility

7 HP, long stiletto (d6)

  • Can cast hoodwink person, mind reader, arcane confinement, magic missive, song of repose, read thoughts, reveal location, steer’s strength, gift of flight, fleetfooted, stupefaction


3 HP, club or dagger (d6)

Mutineer, Thang

6 HP, 1 Armor, sword (d8)

Mutineer, Gung

5 HP, 1 Armor, battle axe (d8)


1 HP, shortsword (d6)

  • Takes enhanced damage from acid, fire, and heat

Nul Acolyte

4 HP, scimitar (d8)

Ootherion, Ape Myrmidon

10 HP, STR 16, DEX 14, WIL 14, ape-bronze sword (d12)


4 HP, 2 Armor, spear (d8)

Professor Zabon Gormontine

10 HP, 2 Armor, death ray (d6, blast), claws (d6)

  • Human disguise falls away if he takes STR damage


4 HP, WIL 6, claws (d6)

  • Can cast illusory landscape

Critical damage: Your brain has been devoured.

Rent-a-cops from the Future

7 HP, 3 Armor, hand agonizer (STR save or paralyzed with pain for d6 rounds)

  • Stun ray (DEX save or be rendered unconscious)

Science Fungoid

3 HP, 1 Armor, sword (d6), death-ray revolver (d12)

Science Fungoid Living Dirigible

12 HP. 2 Armor, STR 16, extensible jaw (d12)

Segmented Giant

20 HP, 3 Armor, 18 STR, whiplash punch (2d8)

  • Spellcasters must make a WIL save or magic against the giant fails

Shaggankh, Son of Shaggath-Ka

22 HP, 3 Armor, 18 STR, 14 DEX, 14 WIL, tentacles (d10+d10)

  • corrosive breath (2d8, blast, DEX save for half damage)

Shaggath-Ka, the Worm Sultan

36 HP, 3 Armor, 12 STR (down from 18), 14 DEX, 18 WIL, smash (2d8, blast), detachment

  • Lethal gaze (WIL save or die)
  • Can cast wizardsniff, hoodwink person, murky bubble, read thoughts, fog of nausea, vines of ichor, lightning strike

Shoo-loo-ah, Slugman

4 HP, 8 STR, 6 DEX, 12 WIL, curved dagger (d6)

Solaro, White Humanoid Fighter

8 HP, 3 Armor, STR 12, WIL 8, scimitar (d8)

Solgum the Resplendent

6 HP, 3 Armor, 13 WIL

  • Can cast wizardsniff, hovering protection, song of repose, read thoughts, doppelganger, fleetfooted, lightning strike

Subaqueous Transport Pupae

20 HP, 2 Armor, STR 18, smash (d12)

  • Critical damage: You are swallowed whole.
  • Tunnels through earth and rock at full speed
  • Psionic emissions disrupt spellcasting


6 HP, 1 Armor, sword (d8)

Thrantrix the Ineffable

32 HP, 3 Armor, 18 STR, 18 DEX, 18 WIL, countless biting snakes ((2d6)d6)

  • Can cast hoodwink person, wizardsniff, read thoughts, great ball of fire, trueshift, geas
  • Immune to poison and mind control

Dr. Ukrumus Flaughf

4 HP, 1 Armor, shortsword (d6), death ray revolver (d12)

Underworld Ranger

8 HP, 2 Armor, 12 STR, 12 DEX, 12 WIL, sword (d8), bugzapper (d6)

Urethria, Priestess of Nul

10 HP, 2 Armor, WIL 14, stiletto (d6) Critical damage: You are lobotomized.

  • Can cast murky bubble, lightning strike, magic missive, perfect illusion, reveal location
  • Eye of Nul mind-control helmet can cast hoodwink person, invisibility, mind reader, psychic touch

Uurx the Impervious

28 HP, 3 Armor, 18 STR, 14 DEX, 14 WIL, accidental misstep (d12)

White Humanoid

4 HP, 1 Armor, spear (d8)

Worm Father Ymoro

12 HP, 18 WIL, dagger (d6) Can cast mind reader, sorcerer’s lock, philolomancy, psychic touch, scry object, magic missive, membraneous inconvenience, hell’s mandibles, worm’s breath

Worm Soldier

5 HP, 2 Armor, 15 WIL, spear (d8) or shortbow (d6)

Worm Surgeon

4 HP, scalpel protuberance (d6)


10 HP, 3 Armor, 14 STR, vorpal cleaver (d10)

  • Critical Damage: You are decapitated.

Yithbara, Inquisitor of Nul

10 HP, 3 Armor, 14 STR, 12 WIL, scimitar (d8)

Helm of Inquiry can cast psychic touch and envision

Yoothranda. Grey Humanoid Fighter

12 HP, 3 Armor, 14 STR, 12 DEX, sword (d8)


6 HP, 14 WIL, dagger (d6)

Can cast hoodwink person, membraneous inconvenience


12 HP, 1 Armor, 14 WIL, dagger (d6)

  • Can cast arcane arrow, hovering protection, doppelganger, psychic touch, lightning strike, terrify

Magic Items

Ancient Charm vs. Chaos

The next time the wearer suffers harm from chaos, it is prevented and the charm crumbles to dust.

Anti-Chaos Pills, Blue

Inoculates user against ambient chaos exposure for 3 days.

Anti-Chaos Pills, Red

Provides immunity to chaos exposure for 1 turn. On first use, must roll on Red Anti-Chaos Pills Side Effects table.

Battle Axe of Spell Cleaving

d8. Can nullify a spell being cast a single time, but the weapon is destroyed.

Arrow +1

First attack made with this arrow deals enhanced damage.

Arrow +2

First attack made with this arrow deals enhanced damage and target is outlined in colorful flames, making attacks against it deal enhanced damage for the next minute.

Beverage of the Godlings

Grants 18 in all abilities for d12 minutes.

Death-Ray Revolver

This tiny revolver holds 4 cartridges. d12.

Decapitante Control Box

Can be used by trained acolytes of Nul to remotely control up to 6 decapitantes.

Eye of Nul Mind-Control Helmet

When first donning the helmet, user must make a WIL save to avoid immediate death. Provided they survive, after a coma lasting d12 hours, the user can cast hoodwink person, invisibility, mind reader, psychic touch.

Desperate Measure, The

User may take three actions each turn for one hour, then dies.

Draught of the Giraffe

Neck extends to ten foot length for d12 minutes.

Elixir of Instant Elegance

Grants extreme competence in all social situations for d6 hours.

Fizzy Drink of Ocular Autonomy

Eyes detach from body and fly freely, provided they remain within 120 feet of the user. Each eyeball has 1 HP, 1 STR.

Fungi of Healing

Restores d4 STR, lose 1 WIL. Takes a turn of vigorous chewing to take effect.

Healing Salve

Restores d4 STR, lose 1 WIL.

Monster Repellent

Incense burns for 24 hours. Unintelligent creatures must WIL save or be driven off by the unpleasant smell.

Nostrum of Speedy Recovery

All bodily processes hasten tenfold for d12 days. Imbiber can recover lost ability without a healer’s aid, needing only a night’s rest.

Nul Rod

Functions as 2d6 weapon against creatures of Chaos. Permanently dispels and nullifies all magic within 20 ft. Spellcasters within sight of the Nul Rod must WIL save each time they cast a spell or it fails.

Potion of Advantageous Auto-Decapitation

Detaches the user’s head, allowing it to float freely per conquer gravity spell for one hour, at which point the head is drawn back to its owner and reattaches. If prevented from reattaching, both user and their head die.

Potion of Extra Limbs

User grows two useable arms, legs, or other limbs as desired, which last for 10 minutes. Claws or the like deal d6 damage.

Potion of Invisibility

Imbiber is invisible until they attempt harm.

Potion of the Mighty Blow

User’s oversized fist deals a crushing blow, requiring most creatures with brains to make a STR save or be knocked unconscious. Alternatively, can destroy objects and structures.

Potion of Mindless Frenzy

Grants 18 STR and reduces WIL to 3 for 1 hour. User is incapable of language or rational decision-making during that time.

Potion of Spectral Foetor

Terrible smell emits from drinker, requiring carnivorous animals to pass a WIL save or flee.

Puffball Fungi, Antipersonnel

Everyone in blast range must roll on Puffball Fungi Exposure table.

Ring of Lassitude

This ring’s curse must be dispelled before it can be removed. The wearer is prone to yawning and gains a permanent Fatigue until the ring is removed.

Smoking Fungi

Releases constant thick cloud of spores as obscuring mist spell. Lasts for 1 day after being picked.

Stone Cloak

In rocky surroundings, the user may always avoid ordinary visual detection with a successful DEX save.

Sword of Demolition

Self-destructs on command, counting down from 30 in a soothing female voice. Explodes for 3d6 damage, blast.

Tincture of Unendurable Hideousness

Most mortals who meet the user’s gaze must make a WIL save or die.

Wand of Arcane Arrows

d6+d6 damage. 5 charges.

Whistle of Dim Control

Bearer can gain the loyalty of masterless dim.

Zacaranth Industries ZR-1 “Dissuader” Sidearm

This “bug zapper” fires balls of electricity that deal d6 damage. Firing more than twice without allowing the gun to cool down is likely to lead to it being destroyed in a blast of electricity (d6, burst).

Zacaranth Industries ZR-2 Lightning Gun

This siege weapon is drawn on a cart and requires two humanoids to move. When cranked with both hands, this waepon can produce lightning as per lightning strike once every three rounds (once every two rounds if two people crank). Firing more than once without allowing the cannon to cool down is likely to lead to it being destroyed in a blast of electricity (d12, burst).


Diet of the Worm

Target makes a STR save or continuously vomits a vast sum of soil & stone for d6 rounds. After vomiting, they make a WIL save or be incapacitated by pained sobbing for an additional d6 rounds.

Hell’s Mandibles

Ghostly arthropod jaws attack a target of choice for 1 minute, dealing d8 damage each round unless they flee.

Issha’s Carapace of Corpulence

Caster gains thick subcutaneous fat granting 1 armor for 12 hours. If the caster would save vs. critical damage, instead the fat becomes an impenetrable barrier, rendering them immune to damage but immobilized for 1 round, at which point the spell ends.

Membranous Inconvenience

Target must save vs DEX to avoid being trapped in a globe of mucus surrounded by a thick leathery membrane. Anyone can free the target with an edged weapon or a successful STR save; either way escape or rescue takes 2d6 rounds.

Worm’s Breath

Caster breathes out a cone of noxious gas that lasts an hour. Most living things caught in the gas must make a STR save or be immobilized by retching until removed from the area. Additionally, for one hour the caster is immune to gas, drowning, or anything else that affects the pulmonary system.

Pregenerated Characters

Aurana of House Apis

1 HP, 2 Armor, STR 12, DEX 14, WIL 9

  • demonskin leather (2 armor)
  • longsword (d8)
  • heavy crossbow (d8, bulky)
  • bejewelled comb/headgear
  • travel case of cosmetic products
  • bear-shaped honey jar

Sergeant Gamnon

4 HP, 3 Armor, STR 12, DEX 8, WIL 10

  • longsword (d8)
  • lamp’s hue bow (d6, bulky)
  • platemail (3 Armor, bulky)
  • iron spikes (12)
  • mallet

Ghanulor of Ixmer

2 HP, 3 Armor, STR 12, DEX 10, WIL 11

  • greatsword (d10, bulky)
  • plate (3 armor)
  • 3 packets powdered sea serpent mousse
  • 50 ft of rope
  • 2 flasks of oil

Gooth of House Ygar

3 HP, 2 Armor, STR 10, DEX 12, WIL 11

  • polearm (d10, bulky)
  • short sword (d6)
  • hovering protection (1 armor)
  • worn plate (2 armor)
  • lantern

Jorask Zoranum

4 HP, STR 7, DEX 13, WIL 14

  • dagger (d6)
  • specimen jars (8) in leather case
  • vial of holy water
  • spellbook of song of repose
  • spellbook of wizardsniff
  • scroll of great ball of fire

Krodok of the Standing Stones

6 HP, 1 Armor, STR 16, DEX 10, WIL 12

  • innate shaggy hide (1 armor)
  • stonetipped spear (d8)
  • flint handaxe (d6)
  • water bladder

Brother Kragar, Templar of the Golden Lintel

5 HP, 3 Armor, STR 12, DEX 9, WIL 9

  • sword of chaos slaying (d8, d12 vs chaos)
  • sling (d6)
  • flint & steel
  • tinderbox
  • steel mirror

Kuwain Trylos

3 HP, STR 10, DEX 13, WIL 13

  • enchanted matches (3)
  • spellbook of hoodwink person
  • spellbook of arcane arrow
  • 50 ft rope
  • torches (6)

Shantora Lax

5 HP, STR 8, DEX 11, WIL 10

  • platemail (3 armor)
  • greatsword (d10)
  • 2 flasks of oil

“Smash” Hannigan

STR 13, DEX 12, WIL 11

  • leather flight suit (1 armor)
  • two pistols (d6)
  • flask of cheap scotch
  • jetpack