Stellarium of the Vinteralf



d6+6 HP, Armor 2, STR 16, WIL 14

  • Driven to serve Thavir and reclaim the Stellarium’s treasures
  • d6 weapons (spears, halberds, and the like)

The Wyrm Jokun

13 HP, 3 Armor, STR 20, DEX 12 (20 if flying), WIL 14

  • Driven to gather treasures in her hoard
  • Breath weapon does d20 (blast) 1x/day only
  • d12 bite, 2x d6 claw
  • Steel-glass scales are nearly impenetrable
  • Radiates cold
  • Speaks in half-remembered nursery rhymes


Glacier Face

  • DEX save or d6 damage

Hot Spring Cavern

  • Roll a d6; on a 1-2, a geyser is about to blast
  • DEX save or d6 damage


Starsword Grugnir

  • d8 damage befitting a fine weapon
  • Casts invisible rays causing blindness d4 hours after seeing the unsheathed blade, lasting 3d6 hours

Spell scrolls