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The Coming of Sorg

  • Original system-neutral adventure by Michael Prescott. Michael Prescott. Updated version available.
  • Original conversion by Jason Tocci.
  • Adapted with permission.


Myen The Butcher 

6 HP, d6 cleaver.

  • Crew of 15 heretics is untrained, impairing most of their attacks.


4 HP, 1 Armor, 14 WIL, mace (d6), Holy Symbol (Ward once per day)

  • Holy men & women in a quest for their deity.
  • Normally travel in groups of 4+.

Sorg Emanations

Defiled Flow Emanation 

10 HP, 1 Armor, bite (d8)

  • Giant climbing fish.
  • Does an extra die of poison damage if it damages STR. On crit damage, it swallows you whole.

High Temple Emanation 

6 HP, 1 Armor, 15 STR, bile spray (d6 blast)

  • Rhino-sized larva, slow.
  • Protected by 11 acolytes (devoted, but weaponless and deprived—0 HP, attacks impaired).

Toothy in/ine emanation 

  • Squeeze (d6), swallow on critical damage.

Air leech Swarm Emanation 

  • Non-blast attacks against them are impaired until they latch onto you.

Copulating Gargoyles Emanation 

1 Armor, claws (d6)

Acidic Jelly Emanation 

  • d6/round enveloping, must be washed off.


Scrolls of Protection (Ruined Archives)

  • See the SRD for Shield or Ward.