5e Notes

First choose the attributes you’re converting.

  • For STR, choose the highest between STR or CON.
  • Convert DEX directly.
  • For WIL choose the highest between WIS or CHA.

Now to get the value, add 10 to the equivalent 5e modifier. So, a monster that has 19(+4) STR on 5e, will have 14 STR on Cairn. One that has 6(-2) Wisdom in 5e will have 8 WIL on Cairn.

AC to Armor

  • 12 AC or less = no armor
  • 13+ AC = 1 Armor
  • 16+ AC = 2 Armor
  • 20+ AC = 3 Armor

  • For HP you can use CR as a starting point; but consider the “levels of threat”.
  • 1-6 HP are most humans, small animals and creatures of similar power.
  • 7-12 HP are serious foes, people that are exceptionally trained or creatures of uncommon power. Large and ferocious animals, most monstrosities and extraplanar creatures fall here.
  • 13-18 HP are large threats. Dragons, Giants, that sort of enemy that can cause massive destruction.

Attacks/damage are mostly as is, in the case of weapons, use the damage the weapon deals in Cairn rules. If a attack has a lot of damage dice, give it advantage (e.g. d8+d8) in Cairn. Use damage advantage in place of multiattacks too.