You are an artisan of the arcane, a smith of subtle forces. In the crucible of your workshop, the laws that govern this world are warped to suit your needs.


Hestia, Basil, Rune, Prism, Ember, Quintess, Aludel, Mordant, Salaman, Jazia

Starting Gear

  • 3d6 Gold Pieces
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Lantern
  • Oil Can (6 uses)
  • Needle-knife (d6)
  • Protective Gloves (petty)

What went horribly wrong? Roll 1d6:

1 There was an explosion, and you lost your sense of smell. Well, almost: you can sniff out gold as a pig does truffles. Take a Tin of Snuff (6 uses) to dampen the impact. Use it every day or become deprived.
2 You dematerialized a beloved pet. Now it follows you around, invisible but always present. Although it cannot interact with the physical realm, you are able to share its senses (add a Fatigue each time). It follows basic commands.
3 You were exposed to a long-acting truth serum whose effects have yet to wear off. The disorder has its advantages: you cannot repeat lies you’ve heard, either.
4 You were adept at creating fake gold, which is almost as good. Eventually, your ruse was discovered and you had to make a hasty retreat. Take a heavy Metal Ingot and Gold Powder (3 uses).
5 Your recipe worked, but a rival stole the blueprint before your claims could be proven. Take a prototype Blunderbuss (d12, blast, bulky) and a thirst for revenge.
6 Ridiculed for discovering how to turn gold into lead, you were a laughing stock. Take a bottle of Universal Solvent (2 uses) that dissolves anything it touches into its constituent parts.

What alchemical marvel is the product of your latest ingenuity? Roll 1d6:

1 Pyrophoric Gel A sticky green fluid that catches fire when exposed to air. It lasts for 8 hours and cannot be extinguished.
2 Blast Sphere A head-sized iron ball filled with explosive powder that detonates on impact. d12, blast, bulky.
3 Aqua Vita Purifies any liquid, converting it to pure water. Drinking it cures 1d6 STR. 1 use.
4 Mimic Stone Records a short phrase that can later be played back.
5 Spark Dust Ignites easily and quickly. Useful for starting a fire or as an incendiary device. 3 uses.
6 Homunculus A miniature clay replica of yourself that follows your every command to the letter. It hates being enthralled to you and complains bitterly whenever possible. Any damage done to the homunculus is also done to you.