Protectors of the harvest, defense against pests, thieves, and beasts. A position of great honor, while it lasts: many guardians do not live out their natural lives. Roll a second time on the Bonds table.


Seed, Thresh, Dibber, Sow, Stalk, Harrow, Cobb, Flax, Briar, Rye

Starting Gear

  • 3d6 Gold Pieces
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Brigandine (1 Armor, bulky)
  • Sling (d6)
  • Hand Axe (d6)
  • Repellent (pick the type, 3 uses)

What got the better of you? Roll 1d6:

1 A voracious swarm of pests that swallowed crops and animals alike. With nothing to defend, you left. Take Gale Seed Extract (3 uses). Ingesting one lets you sprint with a speed four times your regular rate. Afterward you add two Fatigue.
2 A crop spirit, angered by a poor tithing. The fires consumed nearly everything, and afterwards you were able to gather a pouch of Fireseeds (d8, blast, 4 uses).
3 An antlered, toothy demon that nearly ended you. Take a blood-stained Bone Knife (d6). On Critical Damage, its next attack becomes enhanced from contact with blood.
4 The Withering, a type of stem rot from The Roots. Take a Diseased Crop (6 uses) that quickly decays any plant it touches.
5 Wolves, or so you thought. You are now a Werewolf [8 HP, 15 STR, 14 DEX, claws (d6+d6) or bite (d8)]. Your WIL remains the same. You can turn at will (once per day) but must make a WIL save to revert. Anyone left alive from your attacks must make a WIL save to avoid infection.
6 Crop thieves. Not all of them survived, but you were outnumbered. Take a +d4 HP and a Hilted Broadsword (d8).

What tool saved your life? Roll 1d6:

1 Bloodvine Whip d8 damage. On Critical Damage it drains the target’s blood, granting the weapon’s next attack the blast quality
2 Clatter Keeper A hand-cranked device that emits a loud noise, frightening away most creatures.
3 Sun Stick Provides ample warmth and light for up to one hour. Recharge: Leave in heavy sunlight for a full day. 1 use.
4 Root Tether When thrown, binds up to a wolf-sized creature to the soil for a short time.
5 Greenwhistle A small flute that calms plants, making passage through areas heavy with plant life a bit easier.
6 Everbloom Band A circlet adorned with flowers that never wilt. On taking Critical Damage the flowers dissolve into dust, but you act as if your save succeeded (STR loss still occurs).