You delve deep into The Wood, prying its secrets from between rough boughs and whispering leaves. In this verdant kingdom, you are no mere scholar, but its confidant as well.


Gunther, Moss, Fern, Lichen, Root, Willow, Sage, Yarrow, Rowan, Ash

Starting Gear

  • 3d6 Gold Pieces
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Iron Pot
  • Root Knife (d6)
  • Healing Salve (restore 1d4 STR, 1 use)
  • Twine Bauble (petty, Ward once per day) Ward: A silver circle 50ft across appears on the ground. Choose one species that cannot cross it.

How has The Wood failed you ? Roll 1d6:

1 An ill-tempered forest spirit cursed you for stealing, marking you as an enemy of their kind. Take a Bezoar Stone. Ingesting it cures any poison (1 use, unless retrieved).
2 A close friend, swallowed whole. Now you see their face in any tea you brew. Take a Soporific Concoction (3 uses).
3 You were poisoned, losing your sense of taste and smell. You can now withstand noxious fumes, and always carry Antitoxin (2 uses).
4 Your radical experiments turned your skin green, and you now gain nourishment as a plant. You don’t need Rations, but a day without sufficient sunlight and water leaves you deprived.
5 Your impressive corpseflower won a local contest, then promptly killed a judge. You fled, but not without the Prize Money (100gp) and a warrant for your arrest.
6 You created a restorative tincture that also caused accidental infertility. Take a Healing Potion that completely restores STR. Only you know of its unintended side-effects.

What keeps you safe while in The Wood? Roll 1d6:

1 Amadou A vermillion fungus that catches fire quite easily. 3 uses.
2 Delphinium Breathe water for up to one hour. 1 use, but can be divided into fractional doses.
3 Tacky Stalk A woody reed that hardens into a permanent adhesive when chewed. 2 uses.
4 Wisp Lantern Caged in wrought iron, provides a dim light so long as the wisp is able to feed on nearby pain and fear.
5 Seed Bomb A canvas sack that explode on impact, scattering seeds. d6 damage (blast). 3 uses.
6 Briarvine Entangles any creature up to horse size (STR to break free). Reusable.