You are a mere digit on the unerring hand of justice. You go where others fear to tread, unyielding and unbroken.


Percival, Felix, Isolde, Wolfram, Aldric, Eira, Oswin, Ivor, Brunhilda, Beatrix

Starting Gear

  • 3d6 Gold Pieces
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Vestments of the Order (petty)
  • Blessed Tinctures
  • Silver Knife (d6)
  • Crossbow (d8, bulky)

To which order do you belong? Roll 1d6:

1 Order of the Crossroads. Take a Pocket Leyfinder. It points to nearby ley lines and other sources of arcane power. If you lose it, the punishment is death.
2 Order of the Bleeding Star. Take a Star-Iron Mace (d8). It shines faintly in darkness, and becomes very hot in the presence of witchcraft.
3 Order of the Glass Sigil. Take a short sword (d8) and chainmail (2 Armor, bulky). You have contacts in most towns (the more rural, the better) willing to provide aid, food, or even weapons.
4 Order of the Blank Eye. Take a Voidglass Shard. Peer through it to see invisible marks, creatures, and other magical effects. Lose the use of your eye for an hour afterwards (you are deprived).
5 Order of Canaas. Once per day you can change into a wolf. Take a Quicksilver Chain. Without it, you are unable to shift back.
6 Order of the Silent Veil. Take a Quell Stone (2 uses) wrapped in burlap. Extinguishes any nearby flames once exposed to air.

What was your vow? Roll 1d6:

1 Honesty. Choose a weapon type (blunt, blade, etc). Attacks against you of this type are impaired. If your vow is broken, you lose d4 WIL.
2 Poverty. You carry the Disassemble Spellbook. Only you can use it. If your vow is broken, it explodes (d12 STR damage).
3 Selflessness. You are immune to mind-altering magical effects, such as charm, hatred, frenzy, and so on. If you break this vow, you lose d6 WIL.
4 Mercy. Choose a weapon type (blunt, blade, etc). Attacks with this weapon are enhanced. If your vow is broken, you can never use that weapon type again.
5 Charity. Once per day you can shrug off a Fatigue. If your vow is ever broken, you permanently lose one inventory slot.
6 Valor. The first time you inflict Critical Damage you receive d4 HP, returning to the previous limit at the end of combat. If your vow is broken, you die.