What inspires the soul more than song, words, and spectacle? Why practice for years to master the arcane when you’ve already got real magic inside?


Jax, Selene, Baladria, Ada, Mort, Saylor, Tripp, Lantos, Echo, Jubilo

Starting Gear

  • 3d6 Gold Pieces
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Costume
  • Simple Instrument (Pipes, Lute, etc.)
  • Lucky Jerkin (+1 Armor)
  • Sling (d6)

What happened at your final performance? Roll 1d6:

1 Despite your training in the deadly arts, an actor died and you were blamed. Take a light-weight Rapier (d6) and a false identity.
2 The crowd loved your catchy tune about a noble and his romantic failings. The noble in question, not so much. Take the Read Mind Spellbook and a warrant for your arrest. Read Mind: You can hear the surface thoughts of nearby creatures. Long-term possession can cause the reader to mistake the thoughts of others as their own.
3 Your debut composition reduced the audience to a gibbering mess, murmuring of bright creatures descending from the night sky. Later you noticed that the notes resembled stellar constellations. Take a Book On Astronomy, and a lot of questions.
4 You mocked a forgotten trickster god, and were cursed for it. You speak only in perfect rhyme. Ironically, this has only made you more popular among your peers. Take a Thesaurus (20gp). Without it you are deprived.
5 You were scarred in an on-stage accident. The crowd cheered, thinking it was part of the act. Take well-worn Stage Mail (1 Armor), a memorable scar, and a fear of applause.
6 Your respectable puppeteering skills were matched only by your mimicry. You were so good you were branded a witch (literally) and banished. Take an Uncanny Hand-Puppet and a Rabbit Skull (petty) that protects against charms.

What trinket were you unable to leave behind? Roll 1d6:

1 False Cuffs Comfortable, realistic-looking cuffs. Only you know the trick to get out of them.
2 Pocket Theatre A set of small puppets and folding stage. Good for quick distractions.
3 Ghost Violin A dark gray violin that plays a haunting tune, mirrored by an invisible, distant twin.
4 Tragic Tales Banned in proper company, it becomes less bawdy and more harrowing towards the end. Worth 100gp.
5 Mythos Mask A plaster mask that allows one to take on a monster’s countenance. Once it comes off, add a Fatigue.
6 Rebreak Glass A wine flute that can be broken multiple times, reforming after 24 hours. Makes a really loud noise.