Your coin comes from escorting caravans, tracking fugitives, or lending your blade to a cause. You’ve been a savior, an executioner, a hero, and even a villain. Yours is not a solitary path, however: you’ll always have your horse.


Drake, Cyra, Keir, Darius, Valen, Rorik, Yara, Rui, Talon, Jory

Starting Gear

  • 3d6 Gold Pieces
  • Rations (3 uses)
  • Torch (3 uses)
  • Long Sword (d10, bulky)
  • Leather Jerkin (1 Armor)
  • Crossbow (d8, bulky)
  • Spyglass

What personal code or principle do you uphold? Roll 1d6:

1 No innocent blood: No bystander will come to harm on your watch. Take a Steadymade Buckler (+1 Armor). While holding this shield you cannot be moved so long as both feet are planted on firm ground.
2 Revere the tools of death: Weapons are to be respected and maintained. Take a Wyrmbone Whetstone. Following a half hour ritual sharpening, attacks with the weapon are enhanced until STR damage is dealt.
3 To the death, always: You never back down from a fight, no matter the odds. Take a Death-Whistle, 1 charge. Its scream frightens away all who hear it (save WIL or flee). Recharge: Capture the final breath of a dying warrior.
4 Revere the Dead: Death is a journey we all take, and it deserves respect. Take an extra 30gp. You always place two gold pieces on the eyelids of a slain foe. Somehow, you always find the coin.
5 Loyalty to the work: Your word is your bond. Once you’ve accepted a job, you see it through to the end. Take a weathered Tally Stick. Once a vow is marked unto its face, the stick hardens (d8) until it is complete. The stick will snap in half if the vow is ever broken.
6 Always pay your debts: You always repay what you owe, whether in coin or in kind. You expect nothing less from all others. Take a Blacked-Out Ledger, then roll a second time on the Bonds table.

What breed is your horse? Roll 1d6:

1 Heavy Destrier A beast built for war; an imposing creature. 8 HP, 1 Armor, hooves (d10+d10), +2 slots.
2 Blacklegged Dandy Hardy and adaptable, Tough or Perilous terrain are one step easier. 6 HP. +4 slots.
3 Rivertooth Impressively strong, capable of carrying heavy loads. 4 HP. +6 slots (+2 if carrying two people).
4 Piebald Cob Intelligent, it can understand simple commands, and even has an instinct for danger. 6 HP. +4 slots.
5 Linden White Highly trained and agile, it can perform intricate maneuvers in a time of need (no DEX save to flee). +3 slots.
6 Stray Fogger Wild, but very fast (even in Tough terrain). Rides light. 4 HP. +2 slots.